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relationship for mutual benefit

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Many people struggle to establish relationships and keep them going and one of the reasons why that happen, is because as people we tend to only think of ourselves once we are in a relationship, whether it’s a personal or business relationship we tend to forget about the other individual or people involved in the relationship. My course will show you how you can leverage any relationship for mutual benefit, it is however largely focused on professional relationships, I do touch on personal relationships a little but it is mostly when I am giving an example of a point I want to illustrate and emphasise. This course is going to concentrate on professional relationships.

I have divided the course into different sections, to make it easier for you to follow and understand how relationships are driven by specific components that you need to be aware of at all times for you to have a meaningful relationship that you can leverage for your benefit as well as for the benefit of those involved! Relationships are what we all thrive on daily and if you haven’t noticed relationships drive our daily routines and everything that has to do with our day. How you see your day is largely influenced by how you or those that you have a relationship with interacted with you! In most cases when your interactions are not favourable to you, you will deem your day as not having been okay or you will see it as a day that lacked to match your expectation thus you associate your day with negative feelings and emotions and the opposite is true, when you have had favourable interactions you associate your day with positive feelings and confidence building and enhancing emotions.

My course will show you how you can use your current relationships to have the impact you wish for them to have either in your life, business or career without invading anybody’s space. It will give you guidelines that are essential to successfully build, maintain and sustain relationships that are beneficial to everyone and everything involved. My course will give you that third eye, that you will use to see things differently and with the understanding required for you to achieve your objectives in a respected and courteous manner

Course Overview and Introduction
What Does It Take To Leverage Relationships For Mutual Benefit
What Are The Pre-Requisites For A Mutual Beneficial Relationship
What Should You Bring To The Relationship
How To Maintain And Sustain The Relationship
What To Do With The New Acquired Knowledge

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